Church History

In the year of our Lord 1899, the Stoney Point Baptist Church began to serve God in the community of Daisy.  Failing membership at the Methodist Church in the community lead the two churches to merge and they became one, which created quite a large congregation of worshipers.  The building was located on Green Pond Road up the street from the present location.

In 1949, the church building on Green Pond Road was destroyed by fire and the parishioners held church services, for a time, in the neighborhood homes of members.  Under the leadership of Rev. W. C. Williams, a parcel of land was donated at 9966 Lovell Road for a new church across the street from what is now known as Blackberry Farm Subdivision.  This structure was started but never completed.  It stood for many years as a block structure with no resemblance to a church building, but services, none the less, were held in this place.  We give thanks to the many community members who stayed faithful and persevered during difficult times.  These pioneers included the Berry, Cowan, Crawford, Davenport, Hyatte, Jones, Keys, Montgomery, Taylor and Williams families, just to name a few.

There were many pastors that served this church and community.  Those included Rev. Windham, Rev. Baron, Rev. J. C. Cockran, Rev. Baker, Rev. Harmon, Rev. W. C. Williams, Rev. Willie Gay, Rev. Charles Moore, and presently Pastor Edward L. Thrasher.

In July of 1999, Pastor Thrasher arrived and with a vision from God and began to push forward and establish a building and a ministry worthy of being proud of.  The worship center was completely refurbished into a beautiful building.  Miraculous things began to happen at Stoney Point.  As the gospel was being preached uncompromisingly, people got saved and were eager to serve God in whatever way they could.  Relationships that had been severed for many years were healed, a prison ministry was born, financial blessings were received and a $45,000.00 debt was paid off in two years which left Stoney Point debt free.  Since the installation of Pastor Thrasher, we have grown to a congregation of approximately 150 members.

In July 2008, we were blessed with the building here at 9129 Dayton Pike and in 2010 we remodeled and opened our banquet and fellowship hall next door.  God has seen fit to increase our pastoral staff, added a new deacon to work along with our pastor and allowed us to open our Youth Activity Room.

In 2013, Pastor Thrasher developed leadership workshops, church conferences and analyzing our Spiritual gifts through individual testing so that we, as a congregation, could continue to follow his vision and grow by becoming doers and not just hearers of God’s Word.  Also, through God’s Grace, the church cornerstone was removed from 9966 Lovell Road, and installed at 9129 Dayton Pike earlier this year.

As proud as we are of our church and the accomplishment we have made, we realize that it’s only through the Grace and Goodness of God that we are where we are.  May we, as a church family, stay humble that we may continue to be for service so the Master may be able to point to us with pride as we have “walked by Faith”, and may He say “Well done my good and faithful servants.”