About Us

As you enter the doors you will be greeted by some friendly people we call “ushers/greeters.”  They are there to serve you in any way possible.  They will offer you a worship program which will include information about our weekly programs and activities.

You will also notice that everyone is dressed comfortably, in anything from traditional church clothes like suits and sports coats, to office casual, to jeans and sneakers.  At SPBC — its what’s on the inside that matters most!

During our worship service, we usually have a time of shaking hands and welcoming one another.  This is a time where friends and family shake hands, hug, and simply greet those sitting around them.

We have a time of giving to God near the end of our worship service.  As a guest, we invite you to simply place the visitor’s card in the offering plate during this time.  We don’t expect you to give any money during this time, unless you are lead to do so, because you are our honored guest.